Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary that my GP is willing to visit me at St Andrews Village?

Absolutely, we require all residents to have access to their GP before they move into the Village.

What type of heating is used in JFH and HH?

Underfloor heating is available in each resident room as well as some common areas. Areas not fitted with underfloor heating are temperature controlled by ducted reverse cycle air conditioning.

Can residents bring in heaters?

Yes, a 1 KW oil column heater is acceptable; however, it must be tested and tagged for safety prior to its installation.

How does fresh air get into rooms in JFH?

There are continuous flow fans in each bathroom as well as inbuilt ventilation gaps beneath each door to provide a constant flow of air through the rooms.

What cooling is available in JFH and HH?

Ducted air-conditioning is used in common areas during the summer period. Residents may have approved personal air conditioners fitted to their suite at their own cost. Evaporative coolers are not acceptable because the high moisture content they produce can potentially overload the reverse cycle air conditioning system.

Are microwaves & hot water jugs permitted?

Generally these items are not permitted; however, it depends on the level of physical capability of the resident to operate such an item safely when alone. If approved, the permission is reviewed on a regular basis by the care staff.

How are the meals provided?

St Andrews orders its Dining Room menu items from IRT Meal Services, a specialist aged care meal provider who can also cater for special dietary requirements. Several rotating menus are utilised throughout the year.

Do I have a choice of meals?

The main meal is served at midday with two options provided to residents. A light meal is served in the evening, however, on most occasions a snack meal; such as a salad or sandwiches are available upon request.

Can I use a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters that are designed for street use are not generally permitted for use within the Village. However, with the correct modifications to limit speed, and approval from Care Staff they may be used.

Are there organised activities for residents to participate in?

Yes, St Andrews Village organises a wide number of activities that residents can participate in. Activities include exercises, outings, gallery visits, craft afternoons and a mobile library.

Are there staff on the premises 24 hours a day?

Staff work on a roster system, which covers each hour of the day. We also have registered nurses on call throughout the night so that you can rest assured that the care you need is always available.

Are there outdoor areas which residents can use?

The gardens at St Andrews Village are beautifully maintained, but are designed to be used. We encourage residents to sit outside and enjoy the sun whenever they want. We have recently purchased brand new outdoor furniture for Harrison House to make the area more comfortable.

Can I invite my family over for meals?

Because we encourage residents to see the Village as their home, we love to see families come and visit for meals. There is a specially designed family dining room where you can prepare a special meal using the provided oven, stove and microwave or you can all use the resident dining hall and not have to worry about cooking.